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Bennett who has been blind since birth, began playing the piano at the age of three.

Through perfect pitch, Bennett learned to master the piano.

Bennett is a lover of all types of music.  He can play anything from Gershwin to Bach to new hit songs. His musical ability can be acredited to his grandfather's cousin Jascha Heifetz, a master violinist. 

Mrs. Sandra Levinson, his early music teacher, sums it all up in the following quote: "Bennett is a master of composition, reproduction, improvision, interpretation, and transposition."

Bennett has been featured on all three local television stations as well as satellite broadcasts nationwide.  He also had an extensive, local print coverage.

Bennett was chosen as one of the nine finalists nationally in the Ithak Perlman Piano Competition.  Bennett particiated in the Philadelphia's first Presidents Jazz Weekend.  He performed in the jazz finale with Richie Cole and John Blake.

Bennett has appeared locally for various civic, social, and philanthropic organizations; such organizations include 76ers and WWF.

Bennett has performed at the Yardley Country Club, Union League of Philadelphia, Philadelphia Crab and Steak House Jazz Club in Northeast Philadelphia, Jenny's Bistro in Peddler's Village, Rio Suites and Stations Casinos in Las Vegas, Caesar's Casino in Atlantic City, NJ and Valley Forge Casino in King of Prussia.  He has been performing for the last 10 years at Northampton Country Club in Bucks County, PA.

Playing cocktail music, performing at weddings, senior citizen shows, creating and writing music, these are all things Bennett does with extraordinary talent.

All of Me - John Legend Cover

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